Vulnerable Embrace
Sermons in Worship
A Book by a Millennial Clergy Couple

Vulnerable Embrace is a book that celebrates the worship of God through a unique collection of 21st-Century sermons by co-pastor "Clergy Couple" Elana Levy and Lucus Keppel
Within, you will find:
  • Stories of love, loss, and camping
  • Plays and dialogues between Bible characters who never could have met any other way
  • Connections between science, history and scripture that reveal more harmony than you might expect
  • A love of the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek that helps bring great depth and refreshing clarity to the work.
Rev. Elana Keppel Levy and Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel serve joyfully as co-pastors of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bixby, Oklahoma. This is their first book.
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